TIC TOGO: IT sales and representative company in Africa

Computer sales company. Computer solution, software and hardware. TIC TOGO receives and purchases new and used computer equipment in the world. Do you have a lot of computers, printers, usable accessories you want to get rid of? TIC TOGO is in charge of receiving and reconditioning them to resell them or to donate them to local NGOs according to the donor’s indication.

TIC TOGO is one of the IT companies established in Togo since 2009. It works in the maintenance and sale of desktop computers as portable, tablets, printers and all computer accessories.

It also has experienced web application development engineers. It also has a sales network that assists in sales representations of products and other IT solutions of European or American companies.

For more info => http://www.tictogo.com

Publié le 8 septembre 2017 in IT Blog, Journal

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